• 『東京自治区旗幟』Tokyo Nolimit Flag
  • 『反核木版畫』Anti-nuclear supporting
  • 『激進彫摺踏踏ワークショップ』Radical Woodblock Print Workshop
  • 『DIY』
  • 『足跡』Footprints
  • 『戦争放棄』 &『蜂起』No War & Uprising
  • 『沖縄米軍基地建設反対運動連帯木版バナー1』Solidarity Banner for the Okinawa Movement
  • 『沖縄米軍基地建設反対運動連帯木版バナー2』Solidarity Banner for the Okinawa Movement
  • 『平和を』&『平和が』For Peace & Peace Has Been
  • 『反戦・反核・版画すごろく』Anti-war, Anti-nuclear, Prints

One thought on “Works”

  1. Hello!

    My friend Nacho talked to me about your print workshop, I’m from Mexico and I studied art mastering in engraving and printing arts, I would really love to atend to one of 『激進彫摺踏踏ワークショップ』Radical Woodblock Print Workshop, may I know when are this events held and how much it costs? I’ve been trying to get in contact with people doing prints here but it seems that not many people likes it. Actually my goal in coming to Japan is learning Japanese traditional arts specially traditional woodblock printing. So I’m looking forward to attend to your Woodblock event.
    Many thanks, Have a good day.


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